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Word File Recovery and doc repair tool to repair corrupt word document files from damaged .DOC file.

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Word Repair Tool

Word Recovery Software- Repair Corrupt Word Document [DOC] Files

Word Recovery software repairs corrupt Word document files (.doc and .docx) and recovers data from them. The software effectively repairs the .doc and .docx files created using MS Word 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/XP/2000/97/95 that have become inaccessible due to virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown, etc.

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Word Recovery Tool to Repair Word File Features:
  • Extracts all the text from the corrupt Word document including
    images, tables, comments, and objects
  • Extracts all the text from the corrupt Word document
  • Supports multiple document recovery at a time
  • Recovers and restores font style and formatting
  • Supports Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Recovers and restores data structures
  • Recovers OLE objects
  • Recovers fields, including hyperlinks (URL's)
  • Restores headers and footnotes
  • Repairs corrupt Word documents saved in Macintosh format
  • Recovers tables, bulleted lists, embedded images, chart and drawing
  • Easy to use, user friendly GUI, requires no technical skills
  • Available for free trial

Overview of Word Recovery - Repair corrupt word document tool

Corrupt Word file recovery tool is designed to recover, rebuild, and repair corrupt Word documents, which gets corrupt due to error on media where .doc and.docx files are stored, virus attacks, unexpected system shutdown, etc. The advanced Word repair software allows you to repair corrupt Word files and restores them into new readable Word files. Word recovery tool allows you to recover multiple Word files by preserving the original formatting. Whether you need to repair a single Word file or multiple files, Word proves to be the best corrupt Word file recovery tool.

It is an easy to use and advanced Microsoft Word recovery software that repairs or fixes corruption using quick algorithm. Word Repair tool is a complete solution for corrupted Word files that are created using different versions of Microsoft Word. The software allows you to repair multiple documents at a time and successfully restore corrupted Word files in original formatting. The size of the corrupt Word documents does not matter for the software, as it has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it recovers data in all situations. Furthermore, the extent of corruption is also not an issue for the software, as it has been designed using the advanced data recovery algorithms, which makes data recovery impeccable in all worst data loss situations.

Word repair software recovers and repairs the corrupt Word documents and retrieves your maximum data to minimize the loss in file corruption. The Word file recovery software allows a quick navigation to the errors of the files and fixes corruption in a minute. Word repair software successfully recovers and repairs corrupt Word document, when it shows following errors:

Word is devised to recursively scan the selected .doc and .docx file(s) and repair them. After repairing the selected files, the software creates a document named REC at the user-defined location. This REC named folder further creates corresponding folder for each Word file so repaired. In each one of these corresponding folders, the software creates two Word files; one in text format and other in the original format of the file and then there is one more folder containing media objects and photos. The text file will contain only the textual information in the file whereas the other document contains all the data as was in the original document before corruption. This way the software not only repairs the corrupt Word documents, but arranges them in different folders so that the users can quickly access and use them.

Supported Version of Word DOC Recovery:

Word Recovery is an advanced Word repair software to fix Word file. It uses more powerful data recovery technique to recover maximum possible information in minutes from any corrupted Word document. Word document recovery tool supports following versions:

Word Recovery software recovers or repairs your damaged or corrupt Word documents (.docs and .docx) in a minute without any hindrances in your business continuity; you will receive an email with an activation key and download information immediately after ordering the tool. Using the software is as simple as executing few steps that almost every computer user follows in his / her daily life. The software repairs the corrupt Word document in a three steps:

Free Evaluation Version

The free evaluation version of Word is fully functional as it allows the user to check the capabilities of the software. The evaluation version of this Word repair software can be used to save the recovered data however, the repaired document will display a stamp of DEMO after every paragraph. To repair the documents without the stamp, full version of the software needs to be purchased.